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Mod Additions[edit]

D -[edit]
G -[edit]
H -[edit]
I -[edit]
K -[edit]
L -[edit]
M -[edit]

Mod Removals[edit]

  • [H] HQ Beards - Replaced with Beards.
  • [H] HQ Eyebrows - Replaced with Brows.
  • [I] Weapon Retexture Project - Replaced with Book of Silence.
  • [I] Yuril's Rings - Replaced with Jewels of the Nord.
  • [M] Breaking & Entering - Replaced with Lock Overhaul.
  • [M] Killable Children - Replaced with updated version by the same name.
  • [M] More Interactive Items - Lots of conflicts and patching to be done. Unanimously voted to be removed.

Guide Changes[edit]