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  • Added note in Step-4 (FIXES mods) recommending to install fixes only when they pop-up ingame, since the number of mods is now overwhelming.


  • 1-High resolution Werewolf (PATCH 1.92.4 NOTE: Don’t overwrite)
  • Arrows and Quiver Beta (NOTE: I recommend "Quiver" only version. PATCH 1.92.4 NOTE: Overwrite)
  • Finer Dust
  • Dynamic Timescale (NOTE: Put in Skyrim/Asi folder. Requires Script Dragon)
  • No Fast Travel (NOTE: Put in Skyrim/Asi folder. Requires Script Dragon)
  • FIXES:
  • Ancient Nord Armor 1st Person Fix
  • Headsmans Axe Fixed
  • Helmet Slot Stacking Fix
  • Keening Enchantment Fix (NOTE: Compatible with “Lost Art of the Blacksmith”)
  • Linwe Armor First Person Fix
  • Morokei Mask Enchantment Fix
  • Talos Shrine Fix

New/Updated mod NOTES:

  • 3-(CORE-FPS)Realistic Water Textures (NOTE: I recommend to also use “Murky Underwater” update and "Reduced Object Splashing" addon)
WARNING: Use only Auto Magic Scaling or Balanced Magic, not together, since using both will make magic rather overpowered)
  • Sound of Nature - Water (NOTE: This mod used to cause stability issues, now has been re-uploaded and the author assures it is fixed)


  • Elven Quiver Fix (Overwritten by “Arrows and Quiver Beta”)