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  • IMPORTANT: When finished, run BOSS (step-4H) and enable the esps!
  • Fixed “Weighted Lockpicks” link.
  • Fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes.


  • Better Skill Books
  • Elven Quiver Fix
  • Realistic Running Speed
  • (CORE)SoS - Seamless Over Shoulder (NOTE: I recommend “FakeFirstPersonRiding & CentredAndRaised Combat” version. NOTE2: Put “Skyrim.ini” in Documents/My Games/Skyrim and overwrite, do this before tweaking the inis in step-5)

New/Updated mod NOTES:

  • (CORE!!)Script Dragon (NOTE: Put the asi and ini files in Skyrim/Asi folder (create that folder), and the 2 dll files in Skyrim folder)
  • Balanced Magic (NOTE: Use only one esp from “Novice”, “Adept” and “Master”, plus ALL the others)
  • Duke Patricks Combat Tweaks (WARNING: Actually this mod seems to break Destruction Dual Casting stagger on some critical targets, disable it for now until it is fixed)
  • Psyrim (NOTE: This music mod overrides the Dragonborn themes, if you want to preserve them, after installing it, delete Data>music>”combat” and “special” folders.