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  • IMPORTANT: The updating guide is now included in the changelog, check every "UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91:" to “surgically” update.
  • Added Nvidia performance SSAO setting in step-3A, no-flickering SSAO for slow rigs.
  • Added a list of mods from which you can pick a performance version (instead of the hi-res one) in step-4B1.
  • Added few new alternate injector mods, iCCC is always my recommended choice through.
  • Added AF tweak in step-5B, set forceAnisotropy= to 0 is AF in already forced from video card.
  • Added "Immersive Water" as alternate for "Realistic Water".
  • Added "Mod Organizer" tool suggestion in step-4.
  • Other minor guide improvements.
  • Updated comparison screenshots.


  • Beautiful Skyrim HD - Clutter and Furniture -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Follow the detailed installation or DON'T install at all. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: DON'T overwrite)

Bellyaches Animal Pack (NOTE: I recommend “Default Animal Replacement” version. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: DON'T overwrite)

  • Daedric Reborn (NOTE: Install AFTER "High Resolution Armors", overwrite
  • High Quality Grindstone (NOTE: Install AFTER "Beautiful Skyrim HD", overwrite)
  • High Quality Workbench (NOTE: Install AFTER "Beautiful Skyrim HD", overwrite)
  • Sun and Clouds Textures (NOTE: Install AFTER "Skyrim HD". UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: DON'T overwrite)
  • HD Bar Retexture (NOTE: Install AFTER "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP" and "Skyrim HD", overwrite)
  • Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar (Install AFTER "High Quality Food and Ingredients", overwrite)
  • Activate Fail Noise Removal
  • Better Noble Beds (NOTE: I recommend "Red and Gold" version)
  • Dragon Retex Pack (NOTE: I recommand to also use "Alduin" addon. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: BEFORE installing this mod, go in Data/textures/actors and delete "dragon" folder)

Duke Patricks Combat Tweaks (NOTE: This is for realism lovers, casual gamers keep away!)

  • Glaciers Retextured
  • HD Baskets Retex
  • HD Misc (UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Overwrite old files)
  • High Resolution Map (UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Overwrite old files)
  • Immersive HUD
  • Ingot Texture Pack
  • Lockpicking Interface Retex (NOTE: I recommend "Anti-Leather" version)
  • Not Really HD Display Case (NOTE: I recommend "Smudged Glass" version)
  • Real Bears
  • Realistic Weapon Swing Sounds
  • Ruins Pot Retexture
  • Septim HD (UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Overwrite old files)
  • Soulgems Retexture

Mods added as NON-Recommended:

  • Texture Normal Map Packs (NOTE: I've considered this mod, but it needs in-depth testing, it must be installed without overwriting other mods data)


  • Improved Dragon Texture ("Dragon Retex Pack" will replace this)
  • Blood Dragon Fix ("Dragon Retex Pack" will replace this)
  • Yosolda Genuine Hi-Res Outfit (UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Go in Data/textures/clothes, remove "farmclothes04" folder and re-install "Improved NPC Clothing" mod)
  • Enhanced Distant Trees (We're now using "Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul" LODs which are also detailed but more shadowed. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Reinstall "Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul" texture/terrain folder and overwrite)
  • Alternative Road Textures (Now we're using "Skyrim HD" roads. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Reinstall "Skyrim HD" textures/landscape/roads folder, do the same for "Better Landscape Textures")
  • Better Gold (Now we're using "Septim HD")
  • Fox Textures, Realistic Caribou, Realistic Elk and Retextured Wolves and Pelts (All now included in "Bellyaches Animal Pack" mod)
  • HQ Skyrim Map (We'll use "High Resolution Map" instead)
  • Improved Lantern (We'll use "HD Misc" instead)

New/Updated mod NOTES:

  • HQ Towns and Villages ADDED -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Follow the detailed installation, and remove the 4 dds files)
  • Improved NPC Clothing (NOTE: I recommend using the "More Dirt" version. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Download the "More Dirt" version and overwrite)
  • Accingite Vos - HQ Shields UPDATED -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Name changed from "A High Quality of Shields")
  • Chopper HD (NOTE: Install AFTER Beautiful Skyrim HD, overwrite)
  • High Quality Food and Ingredients (NOTE: Install AFTER "Bellyaches Animal Pack", overwrite)
  • Skyrim HD - 2K Textures UPDATED -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Install AFTER "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP", overwrite. NOTE2: I strongly recommend use "Alternate Mountains" addon, looks much better even if older. Overwrite when prompted. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Don't reinstall this totally for updating to 1.91, instead reinstall only textures/architecture/whiterun folder, textures/landscape/road folder and the 3 files recommended in the detailed installation, overwrite)
  • Slofs Simple Horse Retex (NOTE: Install AFTER "Bellyaches Animal Pack", overwrite. UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Reinstall this mod and overwrite)
  • Realistic Water Textures (NOTE: After v1.6 no more DETAILED INSTALLATION Needed. Use only "Reduced Object Splashing" addon. NOTE2: If you don't like RWT, try Immersive Water Textures instead)
  • Vurts Flora Overhaul UPDATED -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Install AFTER "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP" and "Skyrim HD", overwrite, UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: reinstall this mod following the detailed installation)
  • HD Sacks Retexture (NOTE: I recommend version "A". UPDATING 1.90 -> 1.91: Add version "A", overwrite)