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  • Updated screenshots.


  • Enhanced Horse Skins
  • High Quality Food and Ingrediants
  • Nicer Snowflakes (NOTE: I recommend "Realistic" version)
  • Skeleton Better Textures
  • Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP (NOTE: Install AFTER EVERY OTHER texture mod, overwrite. *This will cause a big FPS loss in Whiterun, install only if your rig can handle it*)
  • Lost Art of the Blacksmith
  • Realistic Ragdoll Death Force
  • Main Font Replacement (NOTE: I recommend "Magic Cards Font")
  • QD Inventory

Mods new NOTES:

  • Skyrim HD - 2K Textures (NOTE: REMOVE textures/landscape/trees and dirtcliffs folders *bugged textures*)
  • Glowing Ore Veins 300 (NOTE: If you like immersion and realism, use this instead: Iron Ore Vein Retex)