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Need Help-3d vision fix for wrong depth of the 2 moons



I am playing Skyrim with 3D Vision and modded with Mod Organizer.

With a lot of help from this site everything works great with 2 exceptions.


The two Moons render at the wrong depth, makes the sky look really weird. Everything else renders extremely well in 3D Vision. Stars, Auroras, clouds, sky all look great and render at the correct depth.  How can I get the Planets to render much farther away than where they are now? 


Is it an .ini tweak? Is there a fix I can download?

I have tried the Helixmod site fix and on Nexus the Complete Compatibility Fix. They don't seem to do anything with the 2 Moons.


My other problem is the water looks a bit off in 3D Vision. I thought it had to do with reflections, which I turned off with .ini settings but this did not fix the problem. This might also be solved with .ini tweaks or some fix I can download.


Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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