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Vivid Weathers - a upcoming Weather mod needs you

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as some already know i worked on the past few month on a new Weathermod. So far it is called Vivid Weathers. 

If basicly bases on COT+ESs+SS+Vivid Clouds and fogs+Extended Weathers+Real skyrim snowflakes+Vanilla weathers.

Although there is nothing left anymore of COT,ESS,SS and vanilla weathers beside the Names and ID's. Its a complete overaul to the imagespaces and skyrim weathers

in order to cover also people who do not run a ENB but want to experience some really nice and dark weathers that do not look like some desaturated green tinted glowing sky crap. 

I could write hours of what else i added to it but this shall not be the forum entry to promote the mod. 

More i look for people that i can trust doing their work to do some betatesting. Either with or Without ENB, so if you cannot afford running a ENB performancewise its no problem.

Ofcourse i include a custom made ENB also.


Your task will be to play skyrim and report back any strange stuff thats happening. clouds that look odd, snowflakes that glow.... whatever that does not look right.


If you feel like doing so send ME a IM.


attached below some WIP shots.



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i need a tester that palys skyrim and keeps an eye out for strange happenings, like bugged cloud textures, or such things like sunset/sunrise cloud textures that are vivisble at the wrong time of day, as well as such stuff like underlit or overlit interiors and so on

The enb wont be heavier than vividian. 

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You mentioned lots of mods for snow, any rain changes? :) Been using your weather mods in Vividian for a long time, would be nice to work with the next big update (I assume?). It's nice to have an integrated package.


I recently added true storms to SRLE and patched it into Vividian since the vanilla rain was a little underwhelming.

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well, fadingsignal agreed to work with me on the rain and thunder weathers ;)

That sounds amazing, count me in to keep an eye out for odd things then. I'll simply use it in place of CoT, TS, and the current vivid set to test with. I don't do full playthrough usually but I'm always testing one thing or the other... you know how it is.
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you mean the locational weathers? well, thats more intresting for interiors to switch between different presets of ambient lightings and bloom for different dungeons. The only place i can remember wich could benefit from that are the interiors in markarth and the blue palace wich usually always overblooms. 

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