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stuck with DDSOpt Processing Subguide



Ok I guess there's a chance this has been answered somewhere before that I didn't find, sorry in advance.


I'm doing the Skyrim revisited: legendary edition step guide, and I'm somewhat stuck at DDSOpt processing the files in the falskaar mod.

I follow the guide as described here:



I downloaded the falskaar mod, and as I couldnt process it while it is zipped, I unpacked it to modify it.

I see the step guide says:

Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
Main File

  • Falskaar1.2.1ReadMe.txt

I don't really know what "Main File" here is, so I didn't do anything about that, so maybe my problem is there, anyway:

DDSOpt processing guide says to:

Click the [browse] button near the bottom text-box and select <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/<Mod To Be Optimized> Optimized as the output directory.


So in the Falskaar mod folder I made a subfolder called "optimized".

On completion, I end up with a 7z archive called "out" and a "out.log" file in the optimized folder.

When I went to refresh mod organizer display,I do not get a new Falskaar optimized mod.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I suspect I need to learn this for other mods anyway :)

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And behold, the answer came up as related posts! This made it a lot clearer, and maybe it would be worth leaving this here for others to find their solution as well!



Actually, I can help you with this.  It's pretty straightforward once you understand what's going on.


In the SR:LE DDSopt Processing Subguide, step 2 is saying point DDSopt to the mod folder of the mod you just installed.  In this case, that is Falskaar.  So you want to point it to the <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/<Mod To Be Optimized> directory.  For this specific example, that would be <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/Falskaar.


After that, open Windows Explorer and go to the <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/ directory.  Create a new directory called <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/<Mod To Be Optimized> Optimized.  In this case, that would be <Mod Organizer Path>/mods/Falskaar Optimized.


In step 3, you point DDSopt to that directory that you just created (Falskaar Optimized).


The rest of that guide should be straightforward.  If not, ask.


What you are doing in step 2 is using DDSopt to browse to the folder holding the unoptimized files for the mod you are optimizing.  Falskaar.  So think of the top of DDSopt as the source of the unoptimized files.


In step 3, you are using DDSopt to browse to the folder where you want to optimized files, that you will be creating, to end up being placed.  In this case, Falskaar Optimized.  So think of the bottom of DDSopt as the destination of the new, optimized files that you are going to create.


After you optimize the textures and normal maps following the guide, the last section at the bottom has you add that newly optimized "mod" to MO.  In this case, you will end up with:


X  Falskaar

X  Falskaar Optimized


Because the second overwrites the first, the game will use the optimized textures and normal maps (which reside in the Falskaar Optimized folder).  The rest of the mod still comes from the orignial (Falskaar) folder.

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SO i am also having some trouble and need clarification. 3 questions, 1, am i supposed to do the steps for textures and normal maps? 2 in the steps it says to type in _msn.dds is is msn or mns? the program has it as mns so not sure and 3rd when i hit process it just creates like 5 (mod name) optimized folders inside each other and then throws out an error....i had made the folder ahead of time and pointed it there but idk

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I had the same issue the other day.  Just don't create the folder "Optimized". I actually created a wicked loop and had over a dozen sub-folders created by the mistake...

nvm i am dumb...i was putting the Optimized folder inside the Falskaar folder like a dumb

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