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merging esms with esps

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Well, here it goes..I'm using a custom merged version of UNO (Ultimate NPC Overhaul+1% of Inhabitants of Skyrim)..which has a lot of dependencies (ApachiiHair.esm+females,males,LovelyHairstyles,SGHairpack,KShairdos,EyesOfBeauty)...So I'm 99% sure about this.. but I want to be 100%..so:

1.remove ONLY the master dependency from UNO with TES5edit

2.merging all the Hair, Eyes, Beards, Brows, Scars, Tattoos, Warpaints plugins into one

Will I need to do any more steps?..if so..please say...or forever hold your peace :D

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OK..so it seems to have worked..I just have to add the new merged file as a master and replace the errors with the merged file references... So the new file looks like this:

BeardBrowHairScarWarpaintTattoo.esp (ApachiiHair.esm, ApachiiHairFemales.esm, ApachiiHairMales.esm, SGHairPackBase.esm, Beards.esp, Brows.esp, KS Hairdo's.esp, LovelyHairstylesCE.esp, SGHairPackAIO.esp, TheEyesOfBeauty.esp, The Eyes Of Beauty - Elves Edition.esp, SGEyebrows.esp, Nuska Warpaint.esp, BHWarPaints.esp, NB-Scars.esp, TheCoenaculiUNP.esp, Merta Assassin Tattoos.esp)...I think it's totally worth it..i'll be saving 16 slots

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The only possible slight inconvenience that might arise is another mod requires the ESM as a master and the smaller ESPs from the original mod work better placed AFTER this second mod thus:


original mod.esm

second mod.esp

original mod1.esp

original mod2.esp


Merging the two ESPs from the original will be easy, but adding in the ESM might, cause an issue or two. Admittedly this scenario doesn't always occur so the likelihood is low.

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Merge plugin renumbers, which means assigns new FormIDs, only the conflicting ones within a merge i.e. duplicates.

If you are using or add another plugin later on that reference these renumbered FormIDs, which means that this new plugin is having one of your plugins included in your merge as Master, then do not include that master plugin in your merge.

In most cases you can always merge a master plugin with its patches or with other plugins referencing it as master.

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1. Author upload mainfile esm

2. Author upload various updates that include changed records as well as additional new records

3. Various non-author mods provide various compatibility patches for other mods


I wish to merge 1 and 2 into a single .esm, retaining the original FormIds, that I will call the base; then I will also merge all the necessary compatibility patches into a single .esp.


Using Moonpath to Elsweyr as an example:

moonpath.esm + moonpath_quests.esp = new moonpath.esm

dialog fix patch + dead mans drink clean fix + rrr fix + forwarding patch = new moonpath_patches.esp

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