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Skyrim Sewers 4 by Viltuska


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Skyrim Sewers by Viltuska


I'm not sure if this could make it into STEP, but I thought it was worth adding here, as it does add some nice new areas with a bit of nostalgia from Oblivion, sort of anyways.


Sewer systems have been placed in cities that actually has a visual use of a sewer system, but there weren't any such area implemented where you could actually go inside those sewers. You could just see the lids for them(Solitude) or the water streams going in under the ground(Whiterun).

The v4.12 of this mod adds an accessible sewer system to the town of Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth and also small sewage tunnels to Fort Sungard and Greenwal.


I have yet to test this mod out, but I am installing it as I post this and will come back with my own impression of this mod.

I will say this though, I hope he doesn't go crazy with adding mods to all cities and what not, if he still is active on this mod. It should, in my own opinion, only be added to cities where in the vanilla there where some sort of possible sewer system. Like for instance in Solitude with it's sewer lids, or Whiterun with it's streams going under the ground and then have exits around the exterior walls.


For the time being have a look at what Brodual thinks about it;

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Hmm.... judging from the 'sneak peek' of the video, I feel unrealistic (at least for medieval games like Skyrim) aura (?) on the texture. 

I don't think the idea is great either... Sewers and Skyrim is just... not fit (at least for me)

Thieves Guild and College Underground is enough for me

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If you look into how Romans did their sewer systems they were some similarities to some of the mods sewer visuals, not textures perhaps but general form of the systems. But they had the money, knowledge and ability to build such advanced systems, which many others didn't.

And seeing how advanced the Dwemer race, who built Markarth for instance almost 10k (~6400) years before the events in Skyrim, it shouldn't be surprising if someone actually looked at "their" sewer system and implemented it to other locations.


 But moving on from rambling....


It will surely not fall into everyone's taste, it was just to show something I felt was a nice addition to the game, that didn't just pop out of nowhere but actually be built on something that was in the game, to a very very small extent.

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Its quite fun.  I played through the Solitude sewers and enjoyed it.  There's some tense moments, and its a whole different setting and type of encounter.  It might be nice to have more of a reason to cruise down through them, but then this would be a quest mod.  The secret entrances are worth while in their own way.  I'm not exactly sure how to work it in to the game more, but, y'know, people dont usually go down in to the sewers without a reason.


Maybe even just a friend who shows you the people who live down there; or a faction, the under-dwellers and beggars, who are always looking for food and fire-wood... perhaps?  ...Or an underground cathedral to apocryphal dieties?  I dunno something social - religious seems appropriate.  


But its pretty good the way it is, too, just sitting there, inhabited by wayward miscreants and mis-fortunate fools.  We always want more, is all.  I have a big appreciations for this.  The underground portions of a city, real and fantastic, are its hidden heart; a sort of unsung architectural wonder. 


edit: btw there will be spatial conflicts with city ovehauls and such if not patched - relatively minor ones though.  In my case, it was Solitude Capital Edition (with that Tudor architecture), and that pirate ship quest mod which adds to the docks.

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