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No Stretching (by langley)


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No Stretching (by langley)


Pictures from Nexus page: 

26126-2-1439534116.jpg 26126-0-1439534116.jpg 26126-1-1439534116.jpg


This fix corrects meshes of floors in caves and mines, rubble piles in imperial forts and dwemer ruins, cliffs, rocks, stables (wood detail). There are awfully stretched indistinct textures. The fix does textures of 100 % scale.
This mod can be used with vanilla textures and/or ANY re-texture mods . It only replaces the buggy meshes which make some scenes look awful in game.

On screenshots three options: 
1. Original game without changes. 
2. Replacement only meshes. 
3. Replacement of models and textures. Textures not included.

Attention. With these mods limited compatibility:
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek
WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux by SparrowPrince
Glowing Ore Veins 300 by Baratan

If you use one or several these mods, place No_stretching.esp above in list of mods. Or do nothing - loose files these mods will have priority.


I found this looking through SR:LE. It seems like a decent fix, and might be a good fit for STEP.

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