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DynDOLOD's is causing wagons to flip during intro



I do not follow STEP (entirely). I do not have any ini tweaks active that are not a part of the STEP program. I don't know if this is the right place to ask for advice on DynDOLOD's but I was directed here by the mod author, who has comments turned off on the mod page (which isn't intelligent because even though the mod author may not answer peoples questions, leaving comments turned on allows for other modders to be helpful, which in turn saves the author and the people at this forum time, just sayin).


I am experiencing the wagon flipping bug at the beginning of the intro sequence and have pinned it down to DynDOLOD's. I listed the install order below and I use LOOT to sort so load order shouldn't be an issue. (If you look at the install order below) I install every mod up to and including SMIM, make a merged and bashed patch, load into the game and play test extensively, and there is absolutely no problems


(I have used this same build now, more or less, for over a year and have installed it over 7 times on different computers. There are over 140+ (quit counting at 140) mods in the full build but I stopped at DynDOLOD's because I am having issues and cannot get past it).


The moment I install DynDOLOD's (yes I have read the tutorials, watched the videos, etc) I get the wagon flipping bug during the intro. I am using SKSE Memory Patch and I have used ENBoost (for testing to be thorough) but the results are the same.


My Jedi-like sense of intuition tells me that this is some kind of script or memory error but I am unfamiliar with DynDOLOD's or how it works. I was advised to leave both the merged patch and bashed patch unchecked during the TES5Edit generation of the DynDOLOD's assets through the DynDOLOD's World script, it seems to make no difference in the result (at least at first glance).


If DynDOLOD's is struggling to run correctly with the mods I have installed below then I guess there is little hope for my full build? And what is strange is that even after disabling and uninstalling DynDOLOD's and its assets (output folders) I still get the flipping wagon bug and have to delete my Skyrim archive and unzip my base-backup to start over fresh. Also, DynDOLOD's adds a bunch of armor and weapon mods to its masters list and when the mod is removed it removes textures from those mods, but I guess that is meant to happen?


I love the look of this mod and would like to give it ONE more chance. In my previous builds I used TESLODGen with no issues so I don't understand why this is so difficult.


Any advice?





Load Order:


I don't currently have Skyrim modded but I use LOOT for my load order and here is the mods I have installed (in the order they are installed from top down).




00a - Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch 3.0    
00b - Unofficial High Resolution Patch 1.1.9a    
00c - (Temp) Unofficial Skyrim Patch ESP's            
01 - PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions 3.2        
02 - Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards 1.0    
03 - RaceMenu v3.4.5    
04 - ShowRaceMenu PreCacheKiller 1.2    
05 - SkyUI    
06 - A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads
07 - Climates Of Tamriel-V    
08 - Climates of Tamriel Edition - Realistic Sun and Sunglare - Warm colors v2.0    
09 - SKyre 1301 - Misc Files (Main)    
10 - T3nd0s Skyrim Redone    
11 - Skyre - Unofficial Script Fixes    
12 - Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patch Update    
14 - Skyrim Community Uncapper    
Achieve That!    
Alternate Start - Live Another Life 3.1.0        
Amazing FollowerTweaks v1.66
Auto Unequip Ammo v5.0    
Better Fast Travel v3.76 - Loose - Hearthfires    
Better Stealth AI for Followers 3.4    
Brighter Torches with Larger Magelight Radius 1.0        
Convenient Horses v5.0    
Customizable Camera v1.82    
DYNAVISION Dynamic Depth of Field 2.2    
Helmet Toggle    
Helmless Warrior    
Prisoner Cart Fix    
Realistic Needs and Diseases 1.9.10    
Run For Your Lives v2.0.6      
Skyrim Performance PLUS    
Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version 1.6        


01 - Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-    
02 - CBBE 02 - Beauty Marks Expanded 1.0            
03 - Caliente's Vanilla Outfits for CBBE    
04 - Feminine Argonian Textures for CBBE-UNP (Chameleon and Lizard)    
05 - Feminine Khajiit Textures for CBBE,UNP (Grey Cat and Leopard)    
06 - The Eyes Of Beauty 9.0        
07 - Succubus Race    
08 - Temptress Complete v1.3            
09 - Temptress CBBE Neck Seam Fix                
Apachii Helmet Wigs v1.0            
Apachii Sky Hair Female v1.5            
Apachii Sky Hair Male v1.2            
Apachii Sky Hair v1.6 FULL        
Better Females by Bella Version 3.0            
FNIS 01 - Behavior 6.2            
FNIS 02 - PCEA 3.5.2            
FNIS 03 - Pretty Combat Idles    
FNIS 04 - Pretty Female Idles
FNIS 05 - Pretty Sit Idle NMM Installer_v1.31    
FNIS 06 - Pretty Combat Idles - Front Flip        
FNIS 07 - Pretty Idles For All Races        
FNIS 08 - FNIS Feminine Running Animation            
FNIS 09 - Momo Dash Animation        
Numenume Hair Sono 7.2    
Oblivion Hair Pack AIO v2.3            
SG Hair Pack 268 by HelloSanta                

Armor & Weapons

AEterna Circlets (Core)            
Angelic Halo and Demonic Horns v1.6            
Angelic Halo and Demonic Horns v1.6 - Lower Halo's    
Animated Dragon Wings    
Dark Lilith Armor 2.5            
Devilmaid by Neo - CBBE 1.0            
Dwemer Autoblade v3            
Elhart Dress - No Gloss            
KD Circlets Redone V3.1            
Lustmord Armor v1.2 HD            
Magicka Sabers            
Neo Selene 1.0            
Noble Wedding Dress            
Nouserhere's Ears - v1.0    
Seraphine Armor        
Succubus Armor - Nausica        
TERA Armors CBBE by frigus 1.3        
Thunderbird Armor            
Tribunal Masks            
Tribunal Robes - No cloak for males patch            
Tribunal Robes - No cloaks for females patch            
Tribunal Robes Core        
Ultimate Assortment - CBBE Compatibility Pack 1.1    
Ultimate Assortment - Core Files 1.11            
Vampire Leather Armor Set 1.4        
Warrior Within Weapons        


00 - Skyrim HD - COMPLETE FULL 1.7        
01 - Immersive Armors v8    
01 - Immersive Weapons 1.5    
01 - Skyrim Immersive Creatures    
02 - aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armors    
03 - aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Creatures    
04 - aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Dragonborn DLC    
05 - aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Unique Items    
06 - aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Weapons    
07 - aM - Bonemold Hotfix 1.9        
08 - aM - Skyforge Hotfix 1.9        
09 - aM - Staff of Magnus Hotfix 1.9        
10 - HQ FOOD INGREDIENTS 1.6        
11 - Ruins Clutter Improved    
12 - Enhanced Night Skyrim v04 - Color Galaxy            
15 - Static Mesh Improvement Mod    
16a - DynDOLOD (Core)  

16b - Output        



Mod manager: Nexus Mod Manager



System Specs:


Windows 10 Pro x64

Intel i7-6820HK CPU @ 4.1 GHz


Nvidia 980m (internal) 8GB VRAM

Nvidia Titan (External) 12GB VRAM

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This is more likely caused by having VSync disabled. Skyrim's physics engine is timed with the screen refresh, so having a refresh rate higher than 60 FPS causes the carts to bounce around and flip in the opening video.

I have enforced vsync in the Nvidia control panel and have the Skyrim.ini setting set to 1. But I do get the impression that your right. Fraps is saying the game is running at 60 fps.... but still. Could there be some issue with the graphics card or drivers that is causing vsync to not work properly?


Edit: Alright, I think the issue is with the profiles in the Nvidia control panel, maybe. Vsync just doesn't seem to be working correctly with TESV.exe. I found the framerate limiter and Vsunc settings in the enblocal.ini and set those and now things are moving along. The game seems to run fine.


Heh, what if I don't want to use an enb though? Anyway, thanks for your help. Maybe I can get this going now.

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