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Help with Editing out Fix from UUFO3P? Bloody Mess



The short of it: I'm looking to remove a fix that originated with the original Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch, where the  modder set the Bloody Mess perk to be disabled for the duration of the Side Quest, "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head."  And because I'm feeling a little out of my depth, I thought I'd consult a more knowledgeable community for assistance with this.  :)


[spoiler=Long Winded Explanation for Why I want to Fix the Fix]


I'm seeking a little help with editing out one of the fixes that's currently included with the UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch, and originates with the original UFO3P.  The modder had decided that to avoid having PC's unintentionally fail the side quest, "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head," he would change some conditions / effects with the Perk  Bloody  Mess so that it would be disabled for the quest's duration.  This would keep bloody mess from gibbing off an NPC's arms and legs as well as the head.  And while there's some sense to that, there's also some arguments against.  Firstly, the quest doesn't really require you to kill the target's mentioned in the quest with a head-shot specifically (Dukov at Dukov's Place, Ted Strayer at Rivet City, Dave in the Republic of Dave, and Alistair Tenpenny at Tenpenny Tower).  There's an alternative way to go about things where you don't even need to kill them at all (discounting Tenpenny, but even then it's not required (I think) that he dies by a bullet in the brain).  Secondly, there's the issue of how long the perk could be considered disabled.  The quest giver, Mr. Crowley, is located in Underworld within the Museum of History, within the Mall.  And most player's are going to be heading off to the Mall fairly early just to get Galaxy News Radio up and running.  Now, the various people and locations relating to the quest are spread out all over the Capitol Waseland, pretty much cornering the whole region (Tenpenny Tower, the Republic of Dave, Rivet City, and Fort Constantine).  So excluding those player's that decide to start this quest only after they've already found every location, and then just fast travel between each, most player's will find that this quest extends throughout a great part of their time in the Capitol Wasteland, and attaches neatly to the Main Quests, and other side quests as they rove here, there, and everywhere.  A duration during which Bloody Mess (a 6th level perk) is completely disabled save for the 5% damage increase (which isn't why most get the perk, I'd guess).




Now when I looked into FO3Edit to get an idea of what might be needed for "fixing the fix," it looks like the patch purely added a condition to the Fallout3.esm ActorEffect for PerkBloodyMess.  To be explicit, it looks something like:


[spoiler=Fallout3.esm \ Actor Effect \ 00079AE3 ]
CTDA – Condition
Type: Not equal to / Or
Comparison Value – Float: 10.000000
Function: GetStage
Quest: MS14 "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" [QST: 00014EA1]
Run On: Subject



Note: the actual changelog for the UFO3P  mentions this specifically, "Fixed the Bloody Mess perk making it harder to complete the quest "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" since Bloody Mess can blow off more then the head if you get a head shot causing the script to mess up, the "Bloody Mess" part (not the damage) of the perk will be disabled when the quest starts and enabled again once the quest finishes (Altered Actor Effect: PerkBloodyMess)."




Lacking that one change, I'm imagining that the fix would be removed.  When I looked at references, there's only one and that for "Record: DLC03LibertyPrime "Liberty Prime" [CREA:04001FCC], File: [04] BrokenSteel.esm" which seems more likely to be related to the standard unedited ActorEffect of Bloody Mess rather than what the patch changed.


I've taken a quick look at the quest entry for "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" and there are a number of references to other changes made by both the add-ons as well as the UUFO3P, none also reference to the perk bloody mess.  I then looked at the NPC's directly involved with the quest, and again, no link to bloody mess.


Still, If anyone that has a better grasp of the relation of things within FO3Edit (meaning everyone) has a reason to believe I'm not being cautious enough or careful enough in my trimming, I'd really appreciate it.  I'm very much looking forward to starting a new game of FO3 here, and while HairyLegs over on the Nexus is set to include this with the patches next iteration ... I'm the impatient sort.  :D 

Thanks very much to anyone that can assist.  :)

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