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Is there anything wrong with JK's enhanced city and town mods?

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I just updated my SRLE installation. More like overhauled it. I have been playing on a SRLE installation from early last year. A LOT has changed. All good stuff though.


I was thinking about adding JK's enhanced city and town mods to the mix. Here is a list of those  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/1305814/?tb=mods&pUp=1


I like the look of these. Is there any particular reason NOT to use them? They aren't included in the STEP or SRLE guides but they seem great. Is there any reason these mods were passed by?


I realize they can be a major performance hit but, Nazenn has created Lite and Superlite versions for better performance. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71018/?





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I used to use them there good quality (jk's skyrim includes all towns and cities ,but if you run at 60 fps expect 40-45 in whiterun-not sure about lite package atm) but currently in the process of moving down to lite package (with the .bsa from dawn of skyrim) because i read that the full package conflicts with Immersive citizens - ai overhaul due to navmesh changes and lite package has no navmesh changes. this would explain the crowded market and missing orphan that i had in whiterun.. as for the towns not sure what i am gonna do might be able to merge the individual towns then make a .bsa from all the resources.

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I used to these mods myself when I was just experimenting with stuff and loved the look and performance wasn't a big issue then because I wasn't running 5% of the mods I have now. I did read about the missing orphan and the issues with Immersive Citizens issue. It doesn't seem the mod authors are getting along at the moment regarding this and ICAIO.


I'm going to install it and see what happens. The Immersive Citizens issue is sort of interesting because its a claim made by ICAIO author. I will see if any guards are subjected to Philadelphia Experiment and fused into walls.

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