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New Wrye Batch Patch Drag and Drop



Following S.T.E.P. Extended instructions.  The STEP instructions for Batch Patch conclude: "Each subsequent time you rebuild the patch, you must open Overwrite and drag the new files back to this mod."  For give my noobness, but what exactly does that mean?  The First Wrye Bash Patch we created a new MOD (STEP Core Bashed Patch).  Now, if I add any other mod, apparently I need to rerun LOOT, then rerun Wrye Bash.  Assuming I have just done so, the new Bash Patch files should be in the Overwrite folder in the left pane of Mod Organizer, right?  So, does "drag and drop" mean that:


1.  I just select everything in the Overwrite folder and drag that group over to, and drop it onto STEP Core Bashed Patch?


2.  That I'm to create a brand new Wrye Bashed Patch MOD name, and then activate it in the left pane of MO and deactivate the previous STEP Core Bashed Patch?


Thanks, I see that the same logic apparently applies to the Dual Sheath Redux Patch (i.e. all new versions are to be "drag and drop" someplace).


Thanks!  Allen

ALSO, the instructions state that I'm to rerun LOOT and Wrye Bash for EVERY Mod I add to Skyrim.  Since I'm contemplating about 150 of them, does that mean this process needs to be completed each of those 150 times?  Or can you add MODs in groups of 10 or 20 or so and THEN run LOOT and then Wrye Bash?

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