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[WIP] MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework




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MXPF is an API that wraps around xEdit's user script functionality. MXPF
offers users a set of useful functions which make creating patches far easier
and more approachable. In a few lines of code you can copy every record
fulfilling certain conditions to a patch file, and then edit those record values.

MXPF is simple, robust, and highly efficient: making xEdit scripting easier to
learn and leverage. An alternative solution to SkyProc, MXPF is the first of
several projects that I will be undertaking to bring the power and flexibility
of xEdit scripting to the masses.

Getting started with MXPF is easy. Start by taking a look at a few of the
provided example scripts. These are heavily-commented scripts which will
provide you with a foothold on how xEdit scripting works, and how MXPF
augments your scripting experience. Also refer to the documentation, which
will help you understand how MXPF operates.

If you're unfamiliar with xEdit scripting, object oriented pascal, or
programming in general there are a wide variety of resources you can check
out. xEdit scripting is a great place to start programming, it's where I
started. Don't be afraid - the first step is always the hardest.

I am willing to help anyone who wants to learn to make and leverage
xEdit scripts, regardless of your use case. As more people learn to make
xEdit scripts there will be ever more people who can help. If you need help
getting started or resolving an issue, just let me know, and I'll be there.

Feel free to ask for support in the comments section, by forum PM, on
r/xEdit, r/SkyrimMods, the #skyrimmods IRC, and the xEdit HipChat.

There are a growing number of resources available for learning xEdit scripting
below is a list of publicly available resources that you can tap into when you
need help.

General pascal/delphi questions/issues can be resolved using publicly
available documentation or past discussions on forums/stackoverflow.

TES5Edit Scripting Functions
This is a great reference for the functions available in xEdit scripting.

TES5Edit on GitHub
You can also look at xEdit's source code, but I'd avoid that early on.
Scripting files are wbScriptAdapter.pas and wbScriptAdapterMisc.pas

Major thanks goes out to Zilav for developing xEdit scripting. None of this
would be possible without him.

Thanks also goes out to everyone who's a part of the xEdit scripting community.
Let's change Bethesda game modding for the better.

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