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NVAC causing crashes ?



First a confession : I didn't install all of F&L. Omitted some mods out of personal preference and included some of my own. But F&L is the best base for NV modding I've found so far and I've followed all relevant parts of the guide (i can hear someone grumbling right now). Not a total newb at modding, but this one has got me stumped.


So, to the problem. I was getting seemingly random crashes while fast traveling/entering/exiting building. At the start of the game it could be two hours of playtime before I crashed. Then I got to Freeside (lots of cell transitions) and a pattern started emerging. Game would crash after 4-7 cell transitions without fail. Totally reproducible.


Commence the mod debugging nightmare. Deactivate all non-F&L mods , rebuild bash , test , rinse repeat ...  enb on/off ...the works. Fast forward a few days. Focus : NVSE plugins. And voila. Without NVAC i stopped testing transitions at 45+ successful ones. With NVAC enabled - 4-7 then CTD. Leaving it off made crashes in the open world quite annoying. Leaving it on made transitions a nightmare. I'm out of ideas here ...



-i5,16gb,gtx6600,win10 x64


-ENB Boost

-fake fullscreen (game companion 2.4)

-all relevant exes are run with elevated privileges



Load order : https://pastebin.com/09F4Jtwb

Activated Mods : https://pastebin.com/gXZsVCDF

NVAC Log : https://pastebin.com/iVZZg46x


EDIT : Same result if I disable stutter remover and leave NVAC enabled. No CTD's . I did something fishy there ... just no clue what.

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From the first comment page of NVSR:



If you have a problem caused by a recent version of NVSR:

1. Find your NVSR ini file. See the "Master" section at the top of it. Disable features from there (by changing ones to zeroes) until your problem goes away. If you can change all the ones to zeroes and your problem remains then likely NVSR was not at fault. Re-enable features that weren't the cause of your problem. 

From looking over your mods I couldn't spot anything that seemed potentially unnerving, and I'm not entirely sure how either NVSR or NVAC works, but I'd guess NVAC is only supressing a problem with some other mod, making it appear (crash) later than it would without it.

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You've definitely put me on the right track. It was NVSR ini setting. One had only to do a bit of *cough* reading. Ini settings :

bReplaceHeap = 1
iHeapSize = 450

I was a bit misled by statement that the default ini setting are the most stable ones , so i didn't dig further ... down to fnv4b recommendations.


Thanks a lot. 3 hours playtime without a single crash atm.

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