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Brahmin Dairy Products - FWE Version

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I have completed my conversion of Brahmin Dairy Products to be compatible with FWE and would appreciate a review of the ESP...


LINK  REMOVED - Please see Fallout 3 Nexus.




Cleaned with xEDIT to remove ITMs

Added Invent, Relev BASH tags to header

Removed Brahmin Cheese from levelled lists since it was already in FWE

Added relevant OBND to all objects (milk is a milk bottle, smoothies are a drinking glass, cheesecake is a patty)

Corrected weights to be in line with FWE consumables

Cheesecake is a light meal (3 out of 10)

Check FWE Sated status, thirsty status and hungry status

Check for "burpiness" of drinks (milk is low burp chance, smoothies medium burp chance)

Milk generates an Empty Bottle on use

All products reduce rads slowly

Add correct noise on consumption (milk is non-fizzy bottle drink, cheesecake is chewy, smoothies are glass glugs)

Add correct noise on milk bottle for picking up and dropping


Remember to recreate your Bashed Patch to get rid of the old Brahmin Cheese in Levelled lists.


The food merchant in Megaton should have a good selection of the items. If you see Brahmin Cheese it is from FWE.


If you drink Brahmin Milk or Smothies and see a message "You drink some water but still feel slightly thirsty", that is coming from FWE and you would still see it even if you drank Nuka Cola. It is simply the FWE status message for that stage of thirstiness.


Once some of you have had a chance to review the ESP, we can discuss how to distribute it. The original author has not modded since 2009 but is still active on Nexus.

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I have pinged the original author to see if he wants to add it as an Optional file but if not, I'll release it on the Nexus as a fresh mod with appropriate credit (which he has already consented to back in 2009).


EDIT : I have messaged Puce Moose too but while he has consented for a FO:NV TTW version of his quest mods, he has reserved explicit permission for any other edits. There are a lot of Ingestible items in his story mods.

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Unique and varied ingestible items are part of what makes the Puce Moose mods fun to use, so it would be be great to have them balanced with the rest of the Fallout items. When I created the Sortomatic mod for the Chef's house in Fallout NV I didn't have any problems getting permission to use it, and he even mentions it on the Nexus page for his quest mod. He doesn't use any of the major rebalance or integrated mods himself, and he has some of his own balance mods. I've found his mods that reduce overly generous loot (in both Fallout 3 and NV) and add some missing content (in Fallout NV) useful, although the loot reduction scripts have in some cases had problems when they are left active for long periods of time.

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With Smosh's permission I have uploaded a FWE-compliant version of Brahmin Dairy Products to the FO3 Nexus.


LINK : Brahmin Dairy Products - FWE


It is a complete mod so can simply replace the original in the C&PD guide. All FormIDs should remain the same (apart from the Brahmin Cheese which is now gone) so your dairy mountain or milk lake should be safe.


If you already have the version of the file I linked above, it is exactly the same.

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You were quite right - Puce Moose is more than happy for me to upload an ESP-replacer mod with updated ESPs. A Note Easily Missed is done and I am on An Evening With Mr Manchester.


EDIT : .. which is going to take a while because there are so many checks.


Take Potato Crisps for example. If you are not "Spud Powered", they are simply junk food which may restore HP (if not FWE satiated) and will damage rads (dependant on whether you have the Food Sanitizer). If you ARE "Spud Powered" then they act as a Stimpak... which varies in effect if FWE Triage is on or off and also varies in magnitude if the Fast Metabolism perk is taken.


Phew... my brain is squeaking!

Edited by DanielCoffey
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Sounds like you you a way better understanding of all the complexities than I do. Although they are not completely lore-friendly, I've always also liked the companions that the Puce Moose mods add. It's the reason I suggest doing these quests early (if you're interested in these particular quest mods); it takes a long time to train the companions from these mods.

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