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Enchantment Value Fix (by DrizztTheDrow)


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This is a recently released mod that supposedly provides a partial fix to the inaccurate enchantment values.  I've never done much enchanting, so I'm not really familiar with the bug described, but it looked interesting so I figured I'd make a topic for it.  I wanted to at least bring this mod to the attention of others who might know more about this particular issue.


STEP already includes Enchantment Reload Fix by egocarib, which isn't compatible with this mod, but is a very well regarded mod.  One of the reasons that I found this new mod interesting is that it takes a very different, almost opposite, approach to addressing the same general bug. 


This is my understanding of the bug:

When enchanting, as your enchantment skills increases and your enchantments become better and stronger, the value of the items you enchant actually decreases.  Reloading the game changes the values to something other than their initially created value, at higher levels this causes a significant decrease in the value of enchanted items.  The number of charges also changes after reloading.


This is my understanding of the differences between the two mods:

- Enchantment Reload Fix by egocarib: forces the game to reload enchanted items with the same value and number of charges as they had when first created.  This has the benefit of complete consistency with what you're seeing in the game.  The fix is also very well designed and doesn't modify any vanilla records.  The only potential downside to this mod would be if those initial values are in themselves bugged, which happens to be what this new mod attempts to address...


- Enchantment Value Fix by DrizztTheDrow:  This mod assumes that the values displayed in the enchanting menu are the broken values and the modified values that are recalculated when the game reloads are in fact the correct values.  It uses a sort of weird work-around to force the game to recalculate the enchantment values immediately rather than waiting until after a reload.  The downsides of this mod are that the values shown in the enchanting menu will not match the actual value of the item, and I don't think this mod does anything to address the change in number of charges.  It also has the standard compatibility concerns that come from editing vanilla records. 


If the values of player-made enchantments are indeed decreasing as the enchantment becomes stronger, then I tend to agree with Drizzt and see that as a bug.  The correct value could probably be confirmed by looking at the auto-calculated value that the game assigns to generic enchanted items and comparing it with the value assigned to a player-enchanted item of the same strength.  I like Egocarib's fix, but I also think that stronger enchantments should be more valuable than weak ones.

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