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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen


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So, after 3 years of waiting, Dragon's Dogma is ported to PC with highter graphic quality.

I never played it on xBox or PS2, but aways wanted to. To anyone who dosent know it yet, it's an action RPG, the best description I can give is a mix of old dungeons and dragons beat'n up Tower of Doom/Shadow Over Mystara, with a little of Shadow of the Colossus (big bad bosses that you climb/hit weak spot) and graphics (from the preview videos from PC version) near vanilla Skyrim.


Besides the intense action combat and boss fight mechanics, the game features an interesting follower system (called pawns) where you design one pawn for yourself, and can hire pawns from other players to complete your party. And other players can hire your pawn too. When your pawn is hired, it acquires knowledge from monsters and quests it participates, wich later turn into voiced tips when you face the same monsters/quests.


Anybody else gonna play it? If so we should add friends on Steam to use the Pawn renting between friends.

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