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Fuz Ro Doh Mod not working?



So I had previously gotten this working before I started Mod Organizer from scratch but now it doesnt seem to work, or even show up on my plugins on the right side of MO. In fact when I download the zip at Nexus the .ini file seems to be missing from the SKSE folder every time.


Im running UFO and Convenient Horses, but I heard to reduce bugs down the line its a good idea to disable UFOs Follower horses feature, instead relying on Convenient Horses. To do that I have to go talk to Skulvar at Whiterun Stables. The problem arrives when I talk to him theres no dialogue, which i thought Fuz Ro Doh was supposed to handle by adding subtitles, given the silent voices? I tried reinstalling, and creating the .ini file by hand, as was suggested here by NordusCursorius. 




I also added subtitles in the options menu but no dice. Any advice?

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Got an update

it looks like the Fuz Ro Doh files I installed from archive are overwriting the ones in my data folder. So....if I remove Fuz Ro Doh from MOs list by right clicking, it should stop overwriting the version from my data folder and thus function? Heres what it looks like


Im not quite sure I understand what I would do in this instance since i extracted the Fuz ro doh files to my common/skyrim/data folder where the instructions say it should go. But what I am guessing is that if I delete my overwrite folder Mod organizer should pick up the identical archive version, that sound about right?

I THINK the problem is I installed it once by copying and pasting Fuz Ro Doh plugin and voice files to my common/skyrim/data then installed it again through MOs top left archive installation. The reason was because skyrim wasnt detecting the mod so I thought reinstalling would fix. The reason it wasnt was because at the time I didnt know the download wasnt generating the .ini file which I later made like so:

1. While in Mod Organizer, right-click the Fuz Ro D-oh mod on the left-hand side
2. Select the menu option Open in explorer
3. Within the new window, navigate into the SKSE\Plugins folder
4. Right-click within the folder and select the menu option New > Text Document
Name the file Fuz Ro D'oh.ini 
5. Open the new file and copy the below contents, pasting them into the file
6. Save and close the file

Im just really lost right now since I cant get the mod to work. Unvoiced dialogue generates no subtitles =/ Would appreciate any insight from someone who fixed this issue

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Hm well I ended up deleting them and the game still provided lip syncing but no text. As I said Im talking to skulvar of whiterun stables and clicking "you know" and disabling UFOs horse services in favor of convenient horses mod. Is it possible that UFO doesnt offer dialogue with fuz ro doh? I find it hard to believe given how popular it is... 


I also tried removing the mod from MO by right clicking and even installed from archive again now that the files in data folder have been deleted, but unlike SKYTEST and Interesting NPCs which I also installed through archive it doesnt even show up on my load order at the bottom right of mod organizer. Sure enough no dialogue again

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Fuz Ro Doh provides a plugin (dll file) for SKSE. Skytest and Interesting NPCs have normal plugins (files ending in .esp). Fuz Ro Doh won't show up in the list of plugins in the right pane of MO.


As GrantSP mentions, there are two subtitle settings in the game options menu. These turn subtitles on or off.

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