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Disabling ENB's screenshot functionality or allocating a different folder



My skyrim crashes frequently when I have 70 or more screenshots in the enboost/skyrim folder.


This is a problem because screenshotting with prt screen causes ENBseries to create an additional screenshot in the enboost folder..


I have already moved skse's prt screen functionality to a different folder, but even though I alter the inis for ENB (I changed the line for screenshotkey from 44 to 0) it still makes a screenshot when I press prt screen.


Does anyone know how I can fix this? Preferably I would like to direct ENB's screenshots to a different folder as opposed to disabling them entirely, but I have no idea how.

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The number you change is the ascii code for the key assigned. Change it to something you want to use instead of prt screen. I am not sure the null value of 0 actually works, or if it then just reverts to default settings. 

It is not possible to alter the directory or anything like that sadly. 


If you are using ENB you should only use its screenshot ability to make sure you get all post processing with. Or use a 3rd party software that does the same... but the first is the best to avoid any other issues down the road. 


If you use prt screen then more screenshots with various levels of post processing will be applied. It have been a common problem for ages with people not understanding why their images looked slightly off compared to ingame. 


Hope that helped a little bit. 

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