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Missing MSVCP120.dll



The Problem:


When clicking 'run' on MO an error dialog pops up that says, "C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCP120.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media..." ad nauseam (See Thumbnail). This happens on Loot, Skyrim Launcher, and Skyrim, (SKSE isn't installed as this is a fresh build).


Relevant Programs:


MO 1.3+

Win 10 (Latest Patch)


Steps taken:

Clean install of Skyrim on a HDD separate from Windows. 

Fresh Install of MO (1.3+)

Started Skyrim from Steam, works. 

Searched Google.

Searched Step mo forums.

Updated Nvidia drivers (because, why not).

Downloaded a supposed 'clean' and 'compatible' .dll for Windows 10

Updated to latest Win 10 Build

Deleted MO and reinstalled various version from oldest 1.3 build to latest. 

Installed MO2 Alpha. Error occurs, but, Skyrim starts. 

Reinstalled Visual C++

Threatened my PC with my SKS (I'm honestly surprised this one didn't work).

Things I wont Do so please Don't suggest them. 

I wont reinstall Windows 10 Fresh. 

I wont reinstall Steam Fresh. 
I wont Fly to the moon. 

I wont Revert to Windows 7 (I have to make this work eventually, might as well be now). 


I've put about eight hours into this so far and I would love any help you can offer. With my luck it's probably something super simple that I missed. Thanks in advance. 




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