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Tracking a vendor item(s)




I'm assuming this area of the forum is where one can ask general modding questions  :turned:


Dunno if the system/procedure is the same for Skyrim, I'm going through Fallout 3 at the moment, successfuly done many minor editings to my modded game.


However I can't figure out how the list of items from certain vendors is formed/sorted, more exactly how to remove some items (adding seems to be easier).

After research, it seems that items from mods can be added via quest/scripting, likely makes it harder to track than just opening a mod in editor and checking the vendor container.



Cut to the chase, can someone tell me how to track specific items from a vendor shop listing?


To start I'm trying to remove (some of the) Schematics for ammunition that were added to Moira Brown shop in Megatons Craterside Supply. These ammunition schematics were 'probably added via script' if I had to take a guess.


As always thanks to anyone who can help little ol' me  :blush:

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Adding items to vendor list via a one time use script (usually via a quest) avoids the potential problems of having another mod overwrite the mod's version of the vendor inventory list. I don't think scripts can remove items from vendor inventory (but I'm far from being a script expert). Wrye Bash/Flash can remove or add items from a vendor inventory list when the list is specified in a plugin. I don't think there are script commands that provide a list of the items in a vendor inventory list (but as I said I'm not a script expert) or that provide extensive vendor inventory management; I've never heard a mod author mention this capability.

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Thanks Kelmych!

In this case could track the listing (schematics ammunitions) as originating from the "CALIBRv14 Ammunition Schematics for FWE-WMK-CRAFT-V1_3-18639.esp", but only because it is pretty obvious ^^


I'm assuming then, that there is no shortcut to find out the "origin" of a certain item in a vendor shop, we basically have to more or less know wich mod/plugin is doing what, and start from there.

Hopefully it wont happen enough to become a witch hunt.

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