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Thank you very much for putting this all together.  I can't even imagine the expertise and time it took to put this guide together.  I really appreciate it.


I have been trying to use STEP plus mods I add on top of it in order to create a build that has as much content as possible.  For instance, I like custom-voiced follower mods such as Rigmor of Bruma, Atvir Dres, Odvar the afflicted, Inigo, Anna NPCs 2.0, etc. and I also like to use a lot of quest/DLC mods (thank god a lot of them are included in this package).


I'm going to try and start an SR:LE edition w/out frostfall, realistic needs and diseases, bathing type mods and try to add on the other mods.  Any tips? (and yes I know how noobish that sounds)


I was wondering if you had considered adding any other follower/NPC mods besides Interesting NPCs? (although I admit, none are done quite as well as interesting NPCs) or other quest mods (like Undeath)?



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