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Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library (by DanielCoffey)


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Discussion thread:

Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library by DanielCoffey

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From the Nexus description page:




- Books included : 295 titles from Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Developer Texts[/size]

- Textures : Original or Desaturated[/size]

- Merchant Lists : General Merchants, Caravans, Fences, Jarl's Wizards, Orc Wisewomen, Urag, Brand Shei[/size]

- Loot Lists : Cheap, Common, Valuable, Religious, Rare and Clutter[/size]

- NPC Lists : Silver Hand, Vigilants of Stendarr, Bandit Wizards, Forsworn Wizards, Thalmor Wizards[/size]

- Skill Books : One book for each skill has been hand-placed in the world[/size]

- Book Hunt : First Editions[/size]



Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library brings high quality covers in the style of [/size]Book Covers Skyrim to a very broad range of almost three hundred books from previous Elder Scrolls games and their expansions. It is a logical extension to Book Covers Skyrim and is fully compatible with that mod.[/size]

Subjects range from light-hearted comedy, traditional poetry, plays, stories and legends to heretical diatribes, dark prophecies, cult agendas and insane gibberish.[/size]


The new books will be found on Merchants of many types as well as on any NPC that you would expect to have books in their inventory. Similarly, any container that could previously provide a book will have a chance of the new titles. Many of the more esoteric books have had a single copy hand-placed in the world.[/size]


Please be aware that the Merchants are not guaranteed to have one of the new books as the lists they draw from have a chance of no item. While a General Merchant is quite likely to have a Cheap or Common book or two, you would have to ask the Jarl's Wizards or the Orc Wisewomen if they are lucky enough to have any of the rare or valuable books. Members of the Thieves Guild with access to the Fences will find they tend to be well supplied. Urag in Winterhold is particularly well connected with book suppliers and Brand Shei in Riften has a specific interest that fits with his history.[/size]


One book has been defined as a skill book for each of the game's skills and has been hand-placed in the world. Placement does tend to have a certain logic to it. While some are fairly easy to find, others are well hidden. If you are used to searching for rare items in Morrowind, you will feel at home here. Skill books will never appear in a Merchant's inventory or on an NPC. Many of the skill books will have an owner that you may have to become friends with in order to take the book without stealing.[/size]

This seems like a great immersion mod to add in some books that we saw in past Elder Scrolls games. Made by one of the authors of the main Book Covers Skyrim mod, so the added books should blend in nicely with everything else. Shouldn't conflict with anything, but a bashed patch is a must.


I propose this mod be added to STEP. The desaturated version would match the original Book Covers Skyrim mod.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this one?


Edit: Edited thread to change the mod in question from Tamriel Compendium to Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library, per Neovalen's post below. The Lost Library is a much better and more complete mod, updated more recently, and is made by one of the same authors as the main BCS mod. No doubt this is the one that should be up for consideration.

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Books of Skyrim - Lost Library already does this.

I must have missed that mod. I even looked on the main BCS Nexus page...compatibility was mentioned for Tamriel Compendium, but no mention of the Lost Library. And the Lost Library is made by one of the same authors! Lol.


Anyway, I took a look, and you are right. The Lost Library is a much better mod. More books, seems better polished, and I think it would fit into STEP a lot more nicely considering it is made by the same author as the main BCS mod.


I changed the original post and thread title to fit this mod.


Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

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I use this as well. Daniel's book mods are pretty awesome. Always thought since this added a ton of items to the game it was outside of STEP's realm, but you can't argue that this mod isn't lore friendly. Actually, it probably makes Skyrim more lore friendly. 

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Since I posted the topic, I have installed and played with the mod. The books added are great, and fit right in with the world (which makes sense, seeing as the sources are past games and developer texts). Visually, the books are directly on par with the rest of the books in STEP (which also makes sense, given that this is an extension of the original Book Covers Skyrim).


I vote for Extended on this.

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