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Can't get it all to hold together



Followed the guide.


I can run the game with all the UI mods, FWE and all the texture replacers.


Taking things out and putting things back in, it seems to be some kind of mix of PPA, PB and MMM causing problems ... I am using the compatibility patches, and a bashed patch.


When I have those I either CTD right when i start the game, or right after I hit "New Game".


I also got some purple hands going in there somewhere, which means I mis-installed something somewhere... not sure how that happened.


The oddest red "!" are the intercoms that goes away when I take out "Tweaked Intercom" ... wondering if MO is not unpacking everything properly, although that strikes me as highly unlikely.


I am beginning to wonder if I screwed up on the Cleaning... I always selected ITM and UDM on every mod that LOOT identified as needing cleaning... even if LOOT reported that it only needed to clean one of those... also, there were a few mods that when LOOT said there were UDM issues, FO3Edit said it couldn't undelete them ...


I guess the next step is to re-install all the mods I cleaned and see if things start working ...


Any other thoughts?



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FO3Edit can't clean UDM errors when the problem is an undeleted navmesh. This can only be fixed with the GECK, typically by the mod author, so you can't do much about these.


CTDs usually mean a corrupted file or a missing file, especially if they happen when loading a game or starting a new one. Did you check your set of mods by loading them into FO3Edit to see if it detects an error?

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