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Talk: Replacing PN Extra Options: Rebalance Module


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So, I believe the latest is the author of the Extra Options mod concluded, we don't have enough information to really say that the Rebalance module is causing any kind of Memory leak/degradation. I'm gonna replace it anyway, for now until we get a patch, official or not. I'd love to have help and advice of what to replace them with. I heard Vicious Wasteland and Jsawyer. Never heard of them until now.


Also I have trouble removing the Rebalance Module. All DLC esp needs the Rebalance Master to function. Easily fixed with FNVEdit? Some guidance in that area too please.

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Again, late reply, but I'm revisiting this topic in case anyone else wants to do the same thing later.


In order to remove the rebalance module as a master file in FNVEdit you'll need to find all records carried over from the rebalance module into the patch and delete then, then save and reopen the file and right click --> clean masters should do it, if it doesn't work there's still a record referencing something in the rebalance module, and you need to find that.

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