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Before I spend my afternoon in "Generate Bash Tags"


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As I finished applying the script to my plugins, I noticed that the second plugin and rest down weren't bringing up the save window on FNVEdit. Only YUP asked to save. Other than YUP, I get no save pop-up window as I exit out for the rest. Is everything still saving? I did Sortamatic a second time just to see if the save plugin pop-up came up. Same results. Does it still save? How do I find out? Get on Wyre Flash and check something? I need guidence. Thank you.


Edit: Or my evening unless *jeopardy timer plays*


Update: I noticed 2 plugins that took longer to apply the script did show a save window. What am I doing wrong :( I'm talking about YUP and Interior Lighting Over - Core. I'm gonna keep going regardless of the save window not popping up. Let me know if I messed up.

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So the answer is not all plugins require bash tags, so when the script checks, it determines whether it should edit the file. If nothing was edited, then it won't save. So I'm fine, as I'm going through each file? Since you didn't provide a list of which ones need it, I assume most of them are it and we'll just need to go through every single one, even ones that don't need it? Thanks.

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