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[WIP] Boston Atomic Bomb Yankee - BABY (Fallout 4)


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Hey there !


Boston Atomic Bomb Yankee v0.1 is live ! You can check it out BABY



Not exactly the best one you'll find over STEP, but I figured it's about time I start gathering everything I install somewhere, and keep track of it so I can share it :)



Suggestions / editions are welcome, whether it is about instructions, advice, guide-formatting, or mod-content. (And of course, bug report).


The guide is aimed at people who already know some basics about beth's games modding. Beginner should follow some more basics tutorial before attempting to follow BABY.



No real support yet, basically if you encounter issues with mod installation, you'll need to learn how to fix it ;)


The truth is, there is a lot of unknown things about FO4, and you might encounter issues which I just can't reproduce (weird ini tweaks, issues with drivers, your mod manager going crazy with w10, whatever...).




@Kelmych : I kinda stole the background from your FO3 guide... I Hope it's alright ? :) 

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They potentially are, although I still have to experience any issue with those I put in the guide in their current version.
All of this is the reason why I put the paragraph about FO4Edit. Basically, you should open all the mods you install (or at least, have a look), see what they're trying to edit, and decide whether or not it sounds ok.
Sharlikran posted a list of records that shoudn't cause issue, provided they've been edited with the right tool :


Every mods editing something else is postentially risky, even if it have been made in FO4Edit.
Now, risks seems rather faint with most of those under the "visual" category. Mods adding recipe (i.e. crafting mods) seems safe as well, as far as I see it for now.
If you really want to feel ultra-safe, mods currently in the guide you should avoid are :
Expanded Settlements Buildings
Simple Intersection
Because they're editing/adding a wide range of records which haven't be fully decoded. Others should be fine, and even if they'd generate small issues, since they're editing very few things, that shouldn't be gamebreaking. But plugin corruption can have some very weird side-effect which cannot be detected just by looking at the mods in FO4Edit.
It's really hard to say as I'm not encountering/noticing any issues myself for now. 

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"aren't to risky"

"F4SE have alreayd been released"

"There is some informations"

"reduce radiations du to water."


Still better than my English half of the time! ::D:


"PidgeyPrince" :

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Aah, thx for pointing out my English mistakes. I can't remember how to get Chrome use the English auto-correction so my writing is awful (everything is underlined in red whenever I'm writing shakespearean sentences :/ *this is a desperate call for help*



And yes, PidgeyPrince stay. No matter how tough you want to look, I know you're a sweet pidgey deep inside, not a spearow ^^



Edit : found English auto-correct in chrome... it wasn't that hard >_

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Good tutorial.


Tip :innocent:

Time on loading screen


With the settings:


BSA and


sResourceStartUpArchiveList=Fallout4 - Startup.ba2, Fallout4 - Shaders.ba2, Fallout4 - Interface.ba2, DEF_TOLS.bsa

is redundant.

Please Unpack BSA.
Copy LoadingMenu.swf and DEF_TOLS.xml in to  ...Data\Interface\



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Aaah, thanks ! That's what I was trying to figure out yesterday "what the hell, I see time on every loading screens even without his ini tweak, why is he specifying this ? oO", but gave up because there was too many other important things to do :P 


Edit : updated

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Well, I'm happy to say that I found a name, and that BABY v0.1.0.0 is now live :) 


Still a few things to nail out, and I'm testing a few more interesting things for now. Plus balancing the crafting section (CommChemExp is almost a cheat mod seriously...)


If you're wondering about version number :

4th will be increased each time a mod is updated.

3rd will be increased each time a mod is added/removed.

2nd will be increased when categories layout or major changes in design are made.

1st will be increased for major changes. Will remain 0 until MO2 is fully functional and modding officially supported by Bethesda.


The design is still kinda awful... lot of work to do on the flares and the overall look. I added a pipboy-styled left-border to mod details, but I'm not quite happy with that actually.


Will be kept within relatively closed circles until v1.0



Currently, the guide need :

  • Testing and feedback : Is it easy enough to read, understand, and follow.
  • A screen-archer to take a nice introduction picture with the whole setup ;)
  • Grammatical corrections... as SP pointed out, my English is far from perfect.
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Thanks for the suggestion :) I already had seen his retex (I always check author's page of mods I use), but felt it's hardly an improvement. The aid kit really looked too new compared to everything else (especially in places such as ruined metro stations or raider's camps), but didn't have this feeling with ammo boxes. So I'm rather waiting for an actual HD retex.


There is a lot of mods currently on the testing bench, but my priority now is to check the balance of all the crafting business, and find a good balance between mods adding new possibilities to the settlement building feature.


Texture/meshes mods on the test bench :

https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3265/? (probably won't make it to the guide, they don't look that good in-game and there is a lot of redundancies with other modsalready in the guide)


https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5086/? (an easy pick... will probably update soon, when I'm decided on texture size impact on the performance/quality ratio)


https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4884/? (no opinion yet... I fear I might encounter some oddities here and there with this mod on).



Lot of other stuffs regarding crafting and items as well, and some gameplay mods. Plus I'm hesitating about a side-guide on F4SE keybindings customisation.



Edit : Oh, and I'm also checking out about every post-processing mods I can find, ReShade, SweetFX, ENBs... so far I haven't found anything of the quality of Cinematic Excellence, save for a few bleaks preset which I'm unwilling to put in the guide, and Meek ReShade which is almost as good.

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