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Mintys Lightning During Thunder Storms Won't Stop





I have a slightly modified STEP Extended build that was followed very carefully. Everything works great, nice and smooth with very low script latency. I'm testing the ball outta it before I start my proper play through. There is one large annoying issue....


Mintys Lightning During Thunder Storms Won't Stop at all...EVER


I added a few mods once I got everything stable, the ones of note are


Climates of Tamriel 5.0 (it has some issues with others)

True Storms (gotta love that rain, over writes a rain mesh from COT)

Mintys Lightning During ThunderStorms

COT/True Storms patch (I think it's for the COT3.1 Version, no issues I can see)

MintysLightning/Cot patch  (I believe it's for COT3.1 again)



Now I can't for the life of me figure out why it wont stop. Nothing is conflicting in TES5Edit. I've forced a bunch of difference weather patterns and once the storm/rain stops mintys mod is still set to 'true' in the globals and it does it's amazing (all be it annoying thing now) lightning/thunder show




Any help on how to trouble shoot this weird occurrence would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to remove Lightning During Storms!


Thanks in advance again lads


EDIT: Disregard, I'm dropping it

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