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Skyrim stops loading - some times! - in the load screen.


Partly solved.


I was taking out:

STEP LOD Textures

STEP DynDolod Output


And no i can reload it. 







Well I have a problem. :)

Summary of the Problem:  Sometime I'm not able to load my Savegame file. It will load "forever". Yesterday i play, it is the Quicksave and today i can't load it. Nothing changed.


I'm using ModManager.

It is a "fresh" STEP:Core install with:


- Breezehome TNF from Eli

- Perkus Maximus and PerMa Patch

- Skeletton X32 and so the FNIS Output. 


The Savegame is located in whiterun or Riverwood, i'm not fully sure :D. 

What else i can provide? Would be really nice, if it is possible to solve this problem since it takes hours for installing STEP:Core :(



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Double check the settings in SKSE.ini and make sure it's actually named skse.ini instead of skse.ini.txt.


If this doesn't solve the issue, install and enable Memory Blocks Log then try to load your save with DynDOLOD, STEP LOD Textures, and STEP DynDOLOD Output enabled. Post your results here in spoiler tags.

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