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Coming Back to Skyrim Modding With list of mods/questions before I get started



Heya, long term fan of S.T.E.P. I was playing through F4 and as much as I'm enjoying it I started getting itchy for Skyrim again. I will install Step extended but I have a metric **** ton of questions. Below are my specs and the mod list that I am looking at getting working together on top of STEP Extended.

Is it crazy to go for this many mods? I am mainly trying to check out possible issues and incompatiblities before I get started. Would there be too many script heavy mods etc?


This will be an ongoing thing as I am still playing Fallout 4. So no rush! I will be modding very slow and steady with a fresh clean install on a fresh HD.


Also below the mod list is a bunch of questions pertaining to mods that I am unsure about but want to know what/which is a good fix as I'm outta the loop a bit



Mobo: M5A78L-M/USB3

CPU:   AMD 6100

GPU:   Gtx 970

RAM:  8 Gig DDR3


List That I am looking at installing after STEP Exteneded:

Immersive Armours
Winter is Coing Cloaks
Apocolypse Magic

Standing Stones

Immersive Patrols
Deadly Dragons
immersive Creatures

Jaxonz Positioner
Wearable Lanterns
Lanterns of skyrim
A matter of Time

Atlas Map Markers
Stones of Berenziah Quest Markers
Unread Books Glow
SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators (or animal Tweaks)
Inconsequential NPCs
Fantasy Soundtrack Project
Extended UI

Jaxonz Diagnostics
Smart Cast
Unique Dragon Priest Masks - HD textures
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu
Dragon Soul Relinquishment
Lightning during Thunder Storms
Fast travel timescale fix


PHEW:.... Now a list of questions...

Which weather/lighening mod? C.O.T/ELFX/RLO etc? That lads are using these days?

Which Water Mods are the best at the moment?

What combat mod? Duel/Deadly/Combat Evolved etc?

Can you install Wrymtooth/Falskaar during a save or should it be done at the start of a game?


Answered Questions:

Will use EEF for companion mod

Will use Violens

Will use Immersive Horses

Will add Immersive Compendium


Thank you again lads, hope I posted this in the right place as I melted my fingers typing it all out!





Added Atlas Map Markers

Added Jaxonz Positioner


Removed Sounds of Skyrim (All)

Removed Immersive Weapons

Removed ASIS

Removed Wintermyst

Removed Categorized Favorites Menu
Removed Customized Categorized Favorites Menu

Removed SkyComplete


Answered Some of the Questions

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You're approaching this correctly as far as I can tell.  Definitely research incompatibilities before installing anything, with the knowledge that not all incompatibilities are necessarily documented.


Out of your list, I'm only using Lanterns of Skyrim, wearable lanterns, Inconsequential NPCs, and both cloak mods.  No issues with these with my own version of STEP Extended (I've opted out of a few choices and replaced with others).


Be sure to install one at a time and take some time to "test drive" in your game before adding the next.  Common sense stuff, really.  And be sure to use Memory Blocks Log to make sure you're not pushing your memory blocks limits.

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If you have not already, have a look at the pack 'MMO', itself split into different packs in a pick & mix fashion. It covers quite a few of these (& perhaps some other ideas too!) https://wiki.step-project.com/Pack:Modular_Morrowloot_Overhaul . A good effort has been made to offer some patches too, especially if playing with STEP as a base.


Others are covered in SRLE though of course you'd have to factor in the different set up & if that affects any choices



That still leaves a couple. I don't imagine Sky complete would be much of a problem. Not sure about how animal tweaks, skytest animals or smart cast play.

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You can use most of those but its going to take some time to patch it all though.

Which Follower Mod is the most lighteright and that most folk are using?

I think Extensible Follower Framework is one of the most common now


Which weather/lighening mod? C.O.T/ELFX/RLO etc? That lads are using these days

I used NLA with Natural Realism ENB for NLA because I like the look and feel of it.

As for lighting I use RLO because the fires are warm and bright but interiors seem dark but not too dark.

Vividian ENB has a comparison of different lighting.


Violens or Dance of Death?

Violens is compatible with DoD but if you are using one, Violens due to how customizable it is.


Is there a lighter version of convient horses?

There is, I believe it was immersive horses but CH is fine on its own.


Which Water Mods are the best at the moment?

This is completely up to personal preference. There was some comparisons on a different topic.


Is safety load not a thing anymore?

Nope, don't use it.


Can heartfire extended be used to build claw/mask holders etc?

I don't understand the question or I can't answer it.


If not I guess it's a job for Elysium estate or another housing mod like that? Any options?

I don't understand the question or I can't answer it.


What combat mod? Duel/Deadly/Combat Evolved etc?

This is another one of those personal preference questions. I can't answer this but there will be some consistences with other mods.

These also may require some intense patching. I don't use combat overhauls because I like the arcade-like feel, especially when my framerate tanks for no reason.


Is immersive sounds compendium with STEP Extended pointless?

Pointless, no but it is different and doesn't fit the scope of STEP.

I use it because there is a minor bug with footsteps where the priority isnt very high and the game will miss a few triggers and then randomly mash them in one trigger. Its not game breaking but can kinda takes me out of the mood. I don't know if this mod fixes it but I know I haven't heard it in the times I have used ISC.

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Ok thanks lads, I'll edited the O.P with some of the changes after doing some more research. Ave a look and see if there's anything else that comes to mind. Will use Morrowloot's patches to make some of the mods play nice


EDIT: Relighting Skyrim and ELE-Lite are the two light mods for STEP yeah? The former is for exteriors and the latter is exteriors?


My question I guess is how well would C.O.T play well with these two? I know Lanterns of Skyrim needs a patch amoung one or two more.

I know that Relighting and COT are fine together but I'm not sure about ELE-Lite and COT

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You need to re-run FNIS if you add any mod that add or alter animations (generally hkx files).


You need to re-run DynDOLOD if you add any mods that add new worldspaces (Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, etc.), that alter the existing worldspace or cities (JK's Cities, Expanded Towns and Cities, etc.), or that change the meshes and textures for the existing LOD.

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Ok good to know.


I do need some more help though. I've completed STEP Extended and it seems to have all gone very smoothly. I ain't my first time doing it so I know my way around. Problem is my FPS is pretty bad on the carriage ride. Was an average around 25 FPS.


Thing is according to performance monitor my  VRAM is 3Gigs off it max, and my RAM is 5 GIGs off it's max. CPU/GPU loads temps are really small. So what could it be...?


I didn't install Footprint and I guess I could drop wet and cold but it doesn't bode well already


CPU: AMD 6100

GPU: Gtx 970

Mobo: M5A78L-M/USB3



EDIT: I check my memory blocks log, it says block 1 is 512 and block 2 is 256 even though my SKSE.ini has 768 and 256 respectively. Does that mean it ain't working properly?

The log is reading 254 in block 1 and   120 in block 2

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I feel so bloody stupid... I've been trying to figure out my crappy performance to the point where I was dropping down graphical settings, unistalling things like EBT/WET&COld/FootPrints and nothing.


Then I realisedthat my power options where set to 'Power Saver'  :P


Not the best for gaming eh?  Things have started looking MUCH better... couldn't even break it with 50 guards versus 5 dragon while I flew around at super speeds.  Will install those lovely mods I dropped out so

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