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Real Gold Trophies (by starz82)


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Real Gold Trophies by starz82


The colors in this mod are overall better making the trophies equally "goldie", while detail may not be boosted it's still a good improvement in my eyes. Will upload comparisons between STEP and this mod momentarily.


I have not really done a good comparison beyond looking at them quickly in game, but so far they are an improvement.








Optional gold elder scrolls



At least in my eyes they appear more pleasing than the vanilla ones. The gold elder scroll I just added because it was there, I do have it installed but I go back and forth about using it or not.

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Well, definitely less yellow. Not sure it's more gold-like, however... several of them look more like a light wood to me now, and that ain't right either. That could just be the lighting, but since it's hard to see those objects in any other lighting setup, minus the areas where they are picked up initially, that's kind of what I have to go off of.

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Thats definitely just the location. Because that area is so dark it tends to make them less reflective, however when they are in more well lit areas, and the inventory, they definitely look much better and a lot more metallic comparatively.

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Fair enough, but as the times when they are in your inventory and so forth are more limited in viewtime.... the display is where they have to shine, so to speak. And if they look wooden there, well, that's how it's gonna look most of the time. *shrug* Based on that, I can't see putting this in my load order for now.

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