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MO CTD on any save game



I've been playing for 2 years on MO with a level 60 character and decided to upgrade a mod(Claralux) which suggested I clean my saves.  Ever since all my games have not run correctly and I'm sure it's through some fault of my own, but I've spent over a week each night trying to re-install/refresh/verify just about everything possible, including going over every tutorial again.  I'm not at my gaming pc right now, but I'm hoping someone can push me in the right direction.


I've started a new profile with only the DLC's and appropriate patches, SKSE 1.73, hi-resolution packs1-3, and alternate start just for testing purposes. 


Starting a new game I a CTD upon clicking the bed for alternate start.  If I do the original opening I can play through for as long as I want, but if I save and quit to desktop and then try to reload that same save I get another CTD


Any idea?


thank you for your time.

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Delete the bashed patch in Skyrim's data folder.
The DLCs and patches are in the wrong order in the left pane, so you need to change this a follows:

SKSE 1 07 03
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Unmanaged Dragonborn
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
Unmanaged Hearthfires
Unofficial Hearthfires Patch
Unmanaged Dawnguard
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
Unmanaged HiResTexturePack01
Unmanaged HiResTexturePack02
Unmanaged HiResTexturePack03
Unofficial High Resolution Patch
Memory Blocks Log


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I tried doing a save clean and after two crashes - one on clicking the bed on alternate start and the other trying to exit to Skyrim I got these messages after the analysis. 


[ (00000014)].Actor.Get Distance() - "<native>" Line?

[ (00000014)].Actor.Get Distance() - "<native>" Line?


Any clue? 


Also, I still get ctd whenever I try to access the map.




Thanks for the reply. 

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