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Read the guides, still stuck - overwrite mod



Seriously, I'm either blind or plum stupid.
I've read, I've googled and I know that the guide is somewhere on the wiki but I swear I cannot find it and I need some clarification on this, as my fiance and I have already had one mess up that I was able to, luckily, reverse.

Overwrite mod.

We have the esm files for update, dawnguard, hearthfires and dragonborn along with a back up folder from xEdit containing the back ups for those files in overwrite. From what I understand from googling (again, I can't find the blasted wiki page specifically detailing what we're supposed to do with these files in particular ;-; or maybe I have and I just can't find the answer on the page because I'm blind and stupid?) I'm supposed to delete/remove the back-up folder and place the now-clean esm's back into Skyrim/Data? Is that correct? I don't want to blindly trust stuff I'm reading on sub-reddits, claiming they're following the STEP wiki, but aren't linking back (like I keep hoping).

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Read this: https://wiki.step-project.com/Mod_Organizer#Recommendations


Then this: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Mod_Organizer#Overwrite


Here you go. Don't feel bad, I made a very similar mistake in not spotting what I needed in the guide less than a week ago. :)


I've linked to the overwrite section in the main Mod Organizer guide, but it's good to read the whole guide. Probably a couple times, there's a lot of info in it.

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