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Rewarding for install (teamviewer)



Hey guys! I purchased this game for my younger brother. He suffers from cognitive and physical disabilities and i was wondering if some kind soul would be able to help install the S.T.E.P addon(s) before i surprise him with it? If its something you want, i would gladly provide a steam gift voucher in return. 


I can be reached on Skype (Lhuggins1989).


Many thanks :)

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Is it only STEP or are you talking about a complete mod setup with something like SkyRe and an ENB?


If the latter (respectively in general), some infos about his computer would be very helpful. If he got something similar to mine I could zip my setup after STEP and upload it somewhere. All you/he had to do was install Skyrim through Steam, install the stuff from STEP 1 (Mod Organizer, LOOT, TES5Edit, WyreBash) into the Skyrim folder and extract the archive into it while having it overwrite everything. Also, there's a file somewhere containing some absolute filepaths (need to look it up again) that need to be adapted to your/his filepaths and that's it. By far the easiest way to pass on a complete mod installation, already successfully tried it with a friend. :)

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I've found my old post and thereby the file with absolute filepaths that needs to be edited. So if you're still interested I indeed could do the upload.



Probably CPU comparable to i5

Modern graphics card (probably GTX660+) with 2GB VRAM+


30GB of space



1) If Skyrim is/was already installed and changed (mods,...) by any means, uninstall it via Steam and make sure everything Skyrim related is deleted from


...\Documents\My Games\


To save some gigabytes from the download you can also revert it to vanilla but the according link on STEP isn't working at the moment so better go the safe way.

2) Install Skyrim via Steam, if installing it in a protected folder like C:\Programs (x86)\, after installing make sure you got full access to the folder

3) Follow STEP 1C and install Mod Organizer, LOOT, TES5Edit and WyreBash into the Skyrim directory

4) Download my installation and extract it to overwrite your Skyrim-folder, if it asks for overwrite permission click "Yes, for all"

5) If your Skyrim wasn't installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ (Steam default path) open the ModOrganizer.ini in \Skyrim\ModOrganizer\ and replace all entries with that filepath with your installation directory

6) Enjoy watching him play a fully functional STEP Extended setup

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