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The Ultimate NPC Overhaul by reindeer51 and Robs1981


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A lore friendly overhaul for (I think) every NPC in Skyrim, companions included.




I installed this in my SR:LE setup and I've been impressed. An underrated mod and I'm surprised it hasn't received more attention/endorsements than it has.


Screenshots (note: I'm using SkySight skins for males, UNP mature skin for females) -




Facial features are much improved but without turning everyone into catwalk models, and the characters also feel true to their profession/background. The hair choices are very good too, with the author avoiding most of the extravagent styles and finding the most lore friendly offerings from the various hair packs used.


Normally I wouldn't use a mod like this because of all the patching involved.. and I'm still a novice at TES5Edit. Then I discovered this - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41889/? which did all the work for me. Just note that for it to work with this mod the script needs some extra code, which you can find a few posts down in the mods comments.

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