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R9 290X crossfire vs GTX980ti


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I am contemplating replacing my pair of 290X 8GB cards with a single GTX980ti, I know RAW performance favours the 290X crossfire but from my reading on the subject I am going to get better performance from a single OCed GTX 980ti for Skyrim and Fallout series. I will also avoid the itinttextureresolution=2048 bug. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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I'm pretty happy with my 4gb 2x 290x setup. The 20% clock OC nets some nice gains - though I wouldn't be getting it without a pretty significant investment in watercooling ... At this point the only things I'm really missing are (a) being able to use an ENB DoF and (b) being able to play in windowed fullscreen mode. 

What *is* the word on the street about performance 290x CF vs. single 980ti? I can imagine you'd have an easier time with ENbs and a generally less fiddly setup - but there ARE a lot of other games where CF pays dividends.

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