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UF3P - Exotic Caravans Mod vs. Batch File Improvements

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Seeing as I don't use Fallout Wanderer's Edition, I've typically had to concern myself with the vanilla game's difficulties when it comes to keeping the regular Caravan Merchants (Doc Hoff, Crazy Wolfgang, Crow, and Lucky Harith) alive throughout the playthrough.  The way I typically went about this was just by creating batch file that made the 3 members of each caravan essential, and than further equipped them with better options (the caravan guards usually got the full combat armor as well as a standard minigun at 100% condition, and a backup Chinese Assualt Rifle).  I think I *might* have given Lucky Harith a Plasma Rifle for his primary weapon, but I can't remember.


Now, I've looked at the UF3P - Exotic Caravans by Alo Bautist, and it certainly looks good.  I still prefer my own set up, but I have to admit that an additional guard per caravan makes a lot of sense; 2, not being a modder and lacking real knowledge of scripting, making the caravan guards continuously alert also sounds good (just wish there was something to make certain of the traders a little more agressive, rather than seeing some of them (Crow, I believe) just run away and cower when combat start.  Having folks get some extra health and heal post combat also helps avoid the 'need' to give these guys the Essential flag.


So, for those that may use this or otherwise have some opinions in a more generic way, is it recommended to use this mod over a batch file?  I know that I still - regardless of how this ends up - plan on using a batch file I'll title, "Fallout Wanderer's Cache" to give my character a large number of items he can stash at start (I don't plan on using them really, they're more there to keep me from going mad hunting down anything and everything, and occasionally reloading areas to get better loot).


Whatever feedback I can get on this - prior experiences, general opinions and so on - is REALLY appreciated.  :)


After this, my game is basically ready to go except for getting my Wanderer's face just right.

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