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Missing mountain snow texture.





I seem to be missing a texture for snowy mountains. Here is a picture of the missing texture: https://imgur.com/YydMdlw. As you can see, on the right side, the snowy mountain is really blocky and pixellated. 


Is this texture missing from the STEP setup, or did I somehow remove the texture during installation?


Which textures should I be using, and would I need to rerun DynDOLOD afterwards?


Cheers :)

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Sorry, I suppose I should have been more precise with my language. It looked like I had somehow missed a texture, not that a texture was missing :p


It might well be a scaling issue, this picture is a closeup of a snowy mountain texture.


Here are a few more screens for better context:




As you can see, it's a particular snowy mountain texture used all over the place that seems to be really low resolution, (or scaled up massively). It is really ugly, and rather jarring to look at frankly.


I can't really believe such an eyesore would be left out of the STEP setup, so my assumption was that I had done something wrong, but I can't figure out where.

It seems to me that Regional Snow and Ice would adress the issue, but would think STEP has it's reccomendation?


Again, thanks!

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It's a STEP Extended setup with gameplay enhancements (like perma), some NPC replacers, some interface stuff.

I've been very careful to follow the texture packs, so that everything is compatible for DynDOLOD.


I obviously don't expect anyone to troubleshoot non STEP elements. 


If the mountain textures are wrong, something must be overwriting them, or they are in the wrong mod order. I'll check for conflicts. I use Improved Vanilla Mountains HD.


I see a lot of the STEP landscape packs are overwriting the STEP Texture Compilation. Is that Normal?


EDIT: Your comment actually really helped!! You put me on the right track to finding the texture! Improved Vanilla Mountains were being overwritten.


Thank you so much!

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