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[WIP] mteFunctions Refactor




If you've ever written or used an xEdit script, you've probably installed mteFunctions.pas. mteFunctions is a library of useful methods that script authors can leverage to make faster, better scripts. mteFunctions has grown to be used by almost a dozen different projects, and is over 3000 lines of code, and we're starting to run into problems.




About a month ago I outlined a design document which outlined the problems with mteFunctions, and solutions to these problems. You can view that design document here.




I'm going to start on some initial coding/refactoring now, but plan on doing a lot of it this weekend on my livecoding.tv stream (Saturday 1:00PM PST -> 9:00PM PST, Sunday 9:00AM PST -> 9:00PM PST). I really want to bring in as many people as I can to share their thoughts/help produce code for this project, because I want mteFunctions to become something that is owned by the community, rather than just "some code mator makes that's kind of useful". I want us to all feel that this code belongs to us as a community.




If you've ever made (or used) xEdit scripts, please come participate on the stream. If you want to help develop parts of the new mteFunctions, let me know and we can collaborate together this weekend. ^_^







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