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Anti-Stupid Shields Mod without DSR?

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It bugs me when NPCs wander around carrying their shields in their left hands, particularly when they stroll into a tavern.


OTOH, installing XP32 + FNIS + DSR just adds a little more craziness to my savegame than I can stomach. I recently dropped a few pretty mods - those, plus Footprints, plus burn-freeze-shock - as well as a few gameplay mods (Frostfall and Trade Routes and Warzones 2015 were all casualties), and I've ended up with a solid savegame. And, as it runs out, playing Skyrim without CTDs is FUN!


Still. Those stupid shields ARE bugging me. Almost enough to go back down the DSR rabbit hole. But not quite.


All things considered, I'd rather prefer it if EVERYONE (PC and Follower and NPCs alike) would simply un-equip shields when they are not in hitting each other. Having a bunch of shields materialize at the start of combat WOULD be a little odd, but I could live with it.  


But is there a mod for that? I haven't seen one!


- I seem to recall a mod that makes the PC unequip his shield - but, as I recall it, it didn't do NPCs.

- I also think some of the follower mods can do stuff like that (I'm running EFF), but that's only followers. (And I THINK it was AFT that did it, not EFF.)


Or is there some other kind of "DSR lite"??

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Did you try this mod?




Looks like it does what you want.


Also, I'm using this mod instead of DSR:




I find it way more powerful and customizable than DSR, it can show up to two favorited weapons of each (also if you dual wield, it shows both equipped weapons just like DSR does), and you can choose which slot should each weapon use, you can easily convert it into DSR by putting all right hand weapons into one slot and all left hand / shield in another slot.

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Thanks Hackfield!


Yeah ... I have actually seen Auto Unequip Shield before - but since I'm an Immersive Armors user, it would be missing A LOT of shields. (And something tells me that IA's shield-customization trick would really mess up any attempt to support their shields in this mod.)


All Geared Up looks interesting. Would you say that it is less demanding on your savegame than DSR? Also: Isn't it just for the PC?

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I don't know if it's less demanding, but it works better for me, I use it mainly because of the geared up thing, that shows each weapon that you have set as favorite. It doesn't work with followers unfortunately, for that I use the Auto Unequip Shield.

Both should work with IA as long as you have the DSR shield meshes for it.

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