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Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul by (Rafuel and Alexandriel)

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I agree with the Guards mod. I was thinking more Extended on this one due to all the added detail to the robes. If it was just a replacer, no big deal, but it does come with a plugin for that adds the school of magic to the robes. Remember that Core mods will be added to all packs. This might be better for Extended. Thoughts?



I've created everything and added to Core. If we decide Extended instead, it's just a checkbox on the mod page form.

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If using the plugin version extended, textures only would be core.


My opinion anyway. :)

I agree with this. I like the schools being on the robes, but it isn't practical for realistic battles. Basically if you're fighting someone you'd be announcing your skill set before the battle even began. The real gems are the robes.

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I'm assuming its okay to install textures only from this for STEP: Extended?  


I love the concept of having schools of magic designs on specific robes, but I find the actual execution in this mod is not very good.  The patterns and textures on the robes themselves look great - nice intricate designs, taken from ingame designs and such.  The "schools of magic" designs however are these oddly placed, oddly colored, airbrush-effect designs that do not fit at all with the rest of the design aesthetic of the robes.  They remind me of the designs of the Affliction mma apparel company...


Now if someone was able to make some kind of linework designs that were worked into the color scheme and design work of the various robes, I'd be all in.


I'd also like to point out that I have used this mod in the past and have actually seen the effects - both ways, with and without, ingame.

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