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No Stretching (by Langley)

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If One Mauntain puts the same texture everywhere, I am not sure if I would like that! ^^


Already two of the 6 or 8 mountain textures in No Stretching are covered by SMIM by the way.


I was talking about a comeback because this mod fixes (?) almost a THOUSAND meshes (!) but only the master modders here know if it is really useful or not...


EDIT: I will look at some places that are in the screenshots on the mod page with and without it and will see for myself (that was so hard to think about that, I jsut want to play, but why not do a little bit of work after all was done for the noobs like me?)

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I noticed this on the mod page:


"UPDATE 14.05.15
Add-on for Markarth. Minor changes and fixes to UV rocks, mountains and stones. Unlike the main mod is not just a change of scale. I tried to manually fix and change some places and objects to make UV more accurate"


That was after you dropped the mod because of the mountains problem.


EDIT: Also Neovalen is using this. I placed it before SMIM like he did, I will report any problem with the meshes.

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