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What STEP Patch, When, and Where? Post-Install Housekeeping



I have sort of a big question. 

I am now spending a lot of time with GamerPoet's spectacularly useful videos and have gained a much better understanding of the whole process of modding Skyrim.  However...

... I am baffled as to what order to do the post installation house keeping.  I have a Bashed Patch, a DynDOLOD patch, a TES5Merged Patch, FNIS, Duel Sheath Redux, STEP DynDOLOD, as well as LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons (not sure if that's a patch yet) and that's off the top of my head.


So I have everything installed.  In what order do I do all these things?  What order should they be listed in Mod Organizer's Left Pane, and what should their actual Lord Order be in the Plugins Pane?


As always I appreciate any help offered.  Thank you.

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As stated in the question, I am following the GamerPoet videos that cover STEP.  I am not doing an exact STEP installation, but the question was about the order of process for making and sorting the patches listed so that wouldn't really matter.


I do not use the STEP patches at all.


GamerPoets instructions are to install everything.  Run LOOT and make sure everything is cleaned in TES5Edit, and run LOOT again to make sure everything is ordered properly. 


Then -
1: TES5Merged patch

2: Bashed patch

3: SkyProc patchers


5: Dual Sheath Redux
5. Dynamic Distant Objects

This seems to makes sense, but I am not sure about the DynDOLOD.  At that point I would run LOOT again according to the STEP instructions, but if LOOT changes the load order don't I have to make a new TES5Merged patch and Bashed Patch?  I just want to verify the specifics of the process, or find a location that spells out...

1 - the order to run

2 - the order to place

3 - the order to load each and all of the elements that are required after the installation.

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No, you wouldn't need to run LOOT again. The order you have suggested would work. But I don't understand why you'd need a Merged Patch and a Bashed Patch.


Do your Merged Patch esp, then the Bashed Patch esp, then all your Skyprocs, making sure Dual Sheath Redux's ESP is the last of them, then FNIS (which wont provide an esp) and Dyndolod


Yiou're fine after that.

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Thanks for the response, that helps.  The TES5Merged patch is sort of a "pre" Bash Patch.  For a standard install you're probably not going to need it, but I've got a lot of mods and it has always seemed to help with stability.  I know that everything runs faster with one installed, but I'll link the video so you can see for yourself.




It's worth noting that many of these videos feature information that does not appear in the STEP guide, they are very useful.

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