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Daggers appearing on every civilian NPC (even children)



Hello everyone,


I'm sorry that my first post on these fine forums will be one asking for your help, but I'm desperate and need some advice!

So, after installing every STEP:Core mod (except for a very small number of which that I didn't find appealing/important) and the proper patches, creating a Bashed Patch, running DSR patcher, installing XP32's Maximum Skeleton to the specifications provided, and finally running FNIS to cap it all off, I thought I had finally produced a bug-free, immersive, and stunning modded version of Skyrim. To my dismay, the immersion and wonder I have had has all been cast aside by one bug that isn't necessarily game-breaking, but it certainly bothers me enough that I don't want to play until I fix it. 


I play with Alternate Start Mod, and I have been entering Solitude via the docks (I see Roggvir's Execution as my first bit of actual play), but EVERY CIVILIAN, EVEN THE CHILDREN have daggers at their waists. (I've tried both XPMS dagger placements (default, and back hip) and it seems to persist) I've searched far and wide for a solution or anyone else having this issue and have found absolutely nothing. All the guards of Solitude, and the few armed individuals (Deeja, the stablemaster with his axe, etc.) have their proper equipment (in the proper placements too, thanks to XPMS) and none of them have a dagger (which I assume is due to them having their shields, swords, other weapons equipped). 


I thought it was a conflict between DSR, XP Maximum Skeleton, and FNIS, but I can't seem to resolve this issue and thus I've turned to you guys, the community. Any help or insight would be much appreciated, and I can provide more information about my setup/install if that will help get this resolved. I'll link some screenshots from my Steam below:







Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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So could it be something is up with my Bashed Patch? For some reason my DSR Patch is last in the load order, although I thought I had placed the Bashed Patch at the very bottom. Weird. Like I said, luckily this isn't a game breaking bug, but it's just killing the immersion for me when everyone is walking around like they are ready to have a knife fight!  :lol:

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