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Persistent ENB Transparency Bug


Yes, I know, another person with this problem. I promise you I've read all the relevant posts on these and other forums before creating this thread.


I am using:


New Vegas with EssArrBee's F&LNV mod build

NVidia GTX 760

ENB 0.278

Mod Organizer 1.3.8



The problem:


In some locations (but not all), textures will turn transparent or disappear entirely when viewed from certain angles. This applies to characters as well as geography.



Things I have tried before posting:


>Disabled antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, and water from the game launcher, clicked HDR

>Opened NVidia control panel, manually disabled antialiasing, anisotropic, etc. despite each being on application-controlled already

>Disabled Steam Overlay

>Checked the fallout ini and falloutprefs ini (through the mod organizer tool) to make certain I had copied the F&L settings precisely

>Turned off antialiasing, shadows, and pretty much every other effect in turn in the ENB effect menu in game

>Installed the NV ENB patch .203 and overwrote .278, then reverted back to .278 when that didnt work

>Uninstalled the wrapper version of ENB entirely and installed/ran the injector version (with the ENB Injector application thingy)

?Moved the d3d9.dll to the execs folder, then into the game folder, then into both places, then back just into execs (as the guide instructs)

>Installed the transparency fix mod from Nexus, in conjunction with each of the above in series

>System restart


These forums have helped me fix a dozen problems over the last 3 days, but not this one. I've exhausted the steam forums, then enbdev forums, youtube, and google to no avail.


Please, help...

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7 hours ago, Pimpoyo said:

Did you ever get around to fixing this? I found a fix :) 

User hasn't been online since 2016, so I doubt they will see your post. You can always add your fix so that others who might come across it in a Google search, which I presume is what you did, can find it.

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