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Bandit Chief Level

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I am hoping  someone can give some insight on why I am encountering level 25 Bandit Chiefs with a level 4 character. 


I have encounter two Chiefs so far, both of whom are level 25. one of them being the Winters War Bounty radiant quest.


I normally very much like encountering enemies that are too powerful for me that I will need to go back to but 25 seems excessive.


I have a full Skyrim Revisted Installation from December. As far as I am aware the only mods that control bandits are ASIS. OBIS, HLE-SIC and SIC (through its difficulty option). According to HLE-SIC nothing new is introduced until level 10 so I was inclined to rule that out and even then its purpose is to add levels beyond vanilla. The chiefs I am encountering are the vanilla max level.


Does anyone else (everyone?) have this issue or an idea what is causing it?



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