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The Republic Of Maslea - Prologue (by Anthelius)


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The Rebublic Of Maslea by Anthelius






The republic of Maslea is located on the New Colovia Archipelago , in the Padomaic Ocean, halfway between Tamriel and Akavir. It was conquered during the first era by a schismatic fraction of the Alessian Order, from Cyrodiil. Despite its former strenght as an oceanic power, Maslea is a complex society divided by social classes, ideologies and external interferences.


The first "prologue" release (roughly two/three hours of gameplay) will allow the player to discover the activities of the Alessian Brotherhood in Skyrim, and travel to their main HQ in the Aventina island, in front of Maslea. In the futures version, you'll be able to visit the huge city of Maslea and the rest of the map : )


This mod features unique quests, NPCs, weapons, armors, custom musics and a large new map.


Just a bit of advertising for a pretty cool quest/new land mod that just came out. Custom music, custom textures and architectures, brand new tropical atmosphere, brand new culture, etc, etc...


This one is currently just a prologue with rouhly 3 hours of gameplay (more if you're not good at jumping in skyrim... you'll understand what I mean once you're in the first dungeon ::P: ), thus you will only have access to a small bit of the new world. But if you're the "coc kind of guy" you can visit part of the dreadfully big city which will be in the final release !

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